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3.8 oz (107.7g)/bottle. Click on ADDITIONAL INFORMATION for product best before date.

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(1) Non-Pareils Black - Out of Stock

(2) Non-Pareils Orange - Out of Stock

(3) Non-Pareils Blue - Out of Stock

(4) Non-Pareils Green - Out of Stock

(5) Non-Pareils Yellow - Out of Stock

(6) Non-Pareils Lavender - Out of Stock

(7) Non-Pareils Pink - Out of Stock

(8) Non-Pareils White - Out of Stock

(9) Non-Pareils Red - Out of Stock

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Welcome to the art of cake decoration. Everyone favorites cakes these days has go beyond having good baking recipes. These days, making a cake decorated with icing, frosting and finished off with toppings just does not cut it anymore. Instead custom cakes covered with fondant mixing with little or no piping has become more popular especially  at special theme events e.g roses theme wedding, garden theme birthday party, Halloween party, Christmas party etc.

In life, people love the idea of giving and receiving beautifully crafted gift. This has sent many passionate cake decoration hobbyist and even pastry chef springing for cake decoration courses which can help elevate their skills. Courses like wilton method of cake decorating and  workshops e.g cupcake workshop,  molding of figurine which can be used as cake topper have been very popular. Many hobbyists have even turned their sugarcraft hobbies into their bread and butter.

Over the years, many edible products e.g confectioneries , candy, jimmies, sugar pearls in different shapes, sizes and colours has been produced to make cake decoration even more interesting. Supplier for tools like cake levelers for cutting cakes, fondant size guide chart etc has help to make baking and cake decorating even more easier.

Will you prefer to place your candles on a plain cake or on a novelty cake? This depends on individual personality and preferences. Let’s hope cake decoration will soon evolve to become an island crafts in Singapore.